In the local area

These places are between the two main towns and some are even walking distance into New Quay with its lovely beaches and pubs. It would be best to have a car if you decide to stay in any of these places, that way you are free to come and go as you please. Even though there is a bus running between Aberaeron and New Quay, the timetable may prove to be restrictive at the weekends and in the evenings.

Between Aberaeron and New Quay
All types of accommodation

Rosemary cottage, Gilfachreda  (5 bed inc. cot room)

Tyddyn Hen – Gilfachreda/Cei Bach (3 bedrooms)

Trem Y Môr cottage (3 bedrooms) Gilfachreda/Cei Bach

Dolau cottage (1 bedroom) Gilfachreda

Oak lodge B&B, Gilfachreda

Gilfach yr Halen – holiday park

The old Smithy (2/3 bedrooms)

Parc Farm(2 bedroom cottage and B&B)

Ty Gwyn (2 bedrooms + 1 child bedroom)

Pant-Y-Celyn studio flat

Golwg Y Bae – 3 bedroom cottage

Polly Cottage – 2 bedroom cottage (+ nursery)

Henny Penny -1 bedroom cottage

Near New Quay
Small Hotels/B&Bs

Brynderwen B and B

Ty Hen Guest House, Llwyndafydd

Beechwood House, Llanarth

Brynheulog, Caerwedros

Y Waun (1 bedroom)

Llain cottage B&B

Llainfran House Bed and Breakfast, Nanternis

Parc-Yr-Odyn, Caerwedros

Parc Farm (B&B with 2 bedroom cottage available)

Myrtle Hill

Llanina Arms

Near New Quay
Self catering

The Coach house (1 bedroom) Cross Inn

Ty Hen Farm – 7 cottages available – Llwyndafydd

Stable cottage, “Llainfran”, Nanternis

Louvain Cottage (2 bed) & Lilian Cottage (1 bed) at Goyffos Farm

John’s Barn’, Cefn Maesllan, Llanarth

Llain Morgan, Llanarth (4 bedrooms)

Ty Lewis, Llanarth  (2 bedrooms)


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